Our company


AERO AT aircraft technologies is a globally renowned designer and manufacturer of metal 2-seater Aircraft incorporating laminate elements.

Aircraft built by AERO AT are characterized by excellent build – quality and durability, combined with outstanding flight characteristics, performance , safety and economy. Aircrafts are mainly used for basic pilot training in flight schools, flying clubs and are very popular for business and pleasure flights.

  • Aero AT sp. z o.o. was founded in 1994 and AT-1 was the first airplane constructed by the Company.
  • AT-1 is a single-seat low wing plane which by now accumulated over 2500 hours patrolling forests and highways in Poland.
  • In 1996 the next model AT-2 was designed and build. The experience and know-how gained during this project were the spring board for the next aircraft AT-3.
  • The AT-3 was designed and build according to the new European JAR-VLA regulations. In 1997 the two prototypes of AT-3 were constructed - first designated for the full spectrum of in flight tests, the second for the static tests
  • In May 1999 the company received Type Certificate No BB-210 for AT-3 aircraft. AT-3 is the first in Poland and the sixth in the world to receive JAR-VLA certification.
  • In November 2003 AERO company received Design Organization Approval issued by General Inspectorate of Civil Aviation.
  • In January 2005 AT-3 R100 received its EASA CS-VLA Type Certificate. In September 2005 AERO received EASA Type Certificate for the three blade carbon fiber Aeroelastic ELPROP propeller.
  • An LSA variant (AT-4) for the US market was added in 2007
  • In 2013 AERO AT was assumed by Chinese investor
  • During Freidrischafen AERO 2017 the new AT-3S was introduced

The company consists of three organisations all certified by EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency):

  • Design Organisation (ADOA) certificate No. EASA AP 145;
  • Production Organisation (POA) certificate No. PL.21G.0013;
  • Maintenance Organisation (AMO) certification No. PL.MF.018

AERO AT offers its customers reliable and safe aircrafts powered by ROTAX engines known for low operating cost and dependability.

  • AT-3R100 VLA (Very Light Aircraft)
  • AT-4 LSA (Light Sport Aircraft)
  • ELPROP (aeroelastic propeller)

The company continues a uphold a long aviation tradition Poland is known for throughout the world.

Aero AT manufactured airplanes are characterised by excellent flying properties matched by outstanding performance, safety and economy. Those characteristics are appreciated by instructors and novice pilots alike, a more experienced pilots enjoy the more aggressive abilities of AT-3 and AT-4 that allow them to use more advanced pilot skills.

Durability of AERO AT aircraft is confirmed by the long service those airplanes have flown in missions like forest monitoring and border patrol where some early models have flown for over 10 000 hours (ten thousand). The AT-3 airplane was one of the first to receive certification in Europe in its class.

Over the years AERO AT has produced well over a 100 airplanes of both types that fly on all continents and all climatic conditions. Our airplanes are used by some great flying schools in France, England, Switzerland, the Nederlands, Germany, USA, China, South Korea, Tunisia, Malaysia, Australia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Ukraine and Ireland.

Our Mielec location is also a certified service centre where we can perform all scheduled periodic service, damage repairs and updates/ modernisations. All work is done by factory trained staff using original parts and components. A full spare and replacement parts inventory is maintained at Mielec facility to ensure efficient and fast support of clients fleet.